InSync is a real-time wellness and mental-health support platform that is designed to provide motivational, meditational, and interactive support to the budding youth of the Ile-a-la-crosse community.  It is a challenging task that Dr. Katapally and his team have undertaken to develop such a platform that not only provides real-time support but also connects the youth (or our Smart Youth) to other experienced members of the Ile-a-la-crosse community with the help of the Trusted Contact program under InSync. This platform already has an advisory council consisting of a group of young Ile-a-la-crosse contributors helping us develop a platform that is more relatable, functional and interactive. InSync will be developed into a mobile, easily accessible, user-friendly application that will interact with our Smart youth and their trusted contacts, in order to establish an effective communication channel to help further the overall healthy mental lifestyle development of the youth of Ile-a-la-crosse.