Food Equity and Environmental Data Sovereignty (FEEDS)

APPROACH: The Food Equity and Environmental Data Sovereignty (FEEDS) project is a participatory action, citizen science approach for early detection and warning of climate change impacts and food insecurity. Utilizing the Smart Platform, this community trial involves integrating Indigenous Knowledge with western methods to mitigate and manage climate change-related impacts on food systems and human health.

CONTEXT: This project is being developed and implemented in collaboration with a Citizen Scientist Advisory Council which includes Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, decision-makers,  school administrators, Elders, and community leaders in northern Saskatchewan and the Yukon.

COHORT: All citizens above the age of 13 in participating communities will contribute and receive real-time feedback as part of this project. 

PROCESS: Community members are the citizen scientists in this initiative, using their smartphones to identify and report on environmental hazards/events, changes in biodiversity and wildlife, as well as food availability and access issues. In an effort to contribute to self-governance, data and food sovereignty, communities co-own the data and have real-time data access to enable timely and culturally-appropriate decision-making..