Dr. Tarun katapally

Director of DEPtH Lab and Principal Investigator of the Smart Platform

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Dr. Tarun Katapally established the Digital Epidemiology and Population Health Laboratory (DEPtH Lab) in 2017 to conceptualize virtual care and precision medicine applications. His team operationalizes cutting-edge applied research using the Smart Platform, a big data toolkit that he developed to intersect citizen science and social innovation for digital health solutions.


Citizen Science


Digital Health

Virtual Care


Associate Professor, Western University

Dr. Katapally is a tenured professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Western University. He implements his research program through the DEPtH Lab, which is part of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Country Leader, Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance

As a Country Leader of India, he has been contributing to active living knowledge dissemination and policy advocacy across low-, middle-, and high-income countries since 2015. He also co-founded Active Healthy Kids India to stimulate and sustain active living research and practice.

Adjunct Professor, Universities of Regina and Saskatchewan

As an adjunct professor at both Universities in the province of Saskatchewan, he continues to partner with communities and stakeholders to implement digital health platforms.