CO-Away is a platform designed to help the community of Ile-a-la-crosse, manage their COVID-19 risk, report public health access issues, report food shortages, and establish a direct channel of communication between the community and the local government. The major driving motivator for the development of this platform was to promote a healthy, safe, and precautionary behavioral mindset towards COVID-19 response among the Ile-a-la-crosse community members to help combat and flatten the COVID-19 virus spread across the community.

Over time, this platform’s design evolved into a functional, and responsive channel to highlight the community’s daily concerns and issues to the local governing authorities, conveniently. Also, CO-Away provides the Ile-a-la-crosse’s governing authorities a common stage to address important and/or immediate topics of concern within the community, issue alerts, and prepare for emergencies involving the community.

CO-Away wraps itself into a mobile, easily accessible, and user-friendly application that interacts with the community, and feeds all the relevant reports, issues, and statistics to a secure, and encrypted dashboard, only accessible to appropriate authorities with the necessary access level. The CO-Away dashboard leverages the approach of SMART Platform in integrating knowledge translation, policy and behavioural interventions.